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Out and About with Teens in December

A preview by Josh Primus This holiday season, many parents are wondering about finding cool events for their picky teenagers. This overview of the December holiday arts scene should answer that question. Many events are surprisingly affordable, and should get your teen in the holiday spirit! Shrek the Musical,  performed at the Town Hall Arts […]

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Red, White and Sometimes Blue at Stories on Stage

A preview by Lisa Bornstein In every culture, through time and across borders, you find the story: tales passed down, over and through generations. They are how we know ourselves and how we know others, and they are the mission of Stories on Stage. So it’s fitting that this Colorado theater company’s latest offering looks […]

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Vintage Theatre presents Other Desert Cities

other desert cities vintage theater denver

A review by Marc Shulgold Ah, the dysfunctional American family – where would modern theater be without it? You’ve probably seen it, or should we say, endured it. Who’s Afraid of … Osage County. Angst-filled folks at war with each other, with their children, with their parents, with themselves. Liquor is poured and consumed, tears […]

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Beautiful Memories of Bella

A preview by Marc Shulgold For many of those who are generations removed from the Holocaust, the pain still lingers: the heartbreak and loss of family members and the unending, unanswerable question, Why? And yet, amidst the horror of that dark time in history there are also uncountable tales of survival among those who faced […]

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‘Miss Saigon’ Touches Down at the Vintage Theatre

A Preview, by Marc Shulgold So, how do you squeeze a giant Broadway hit show into an itty-bitty theater in Aurora? Simple – just make some cuts in the ceiling. That’s what Vintage Theatre’s production team had to do, in order to accommodate the iconic helicopter for their upcoming staging of Miss Saigon. “We had […]

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Bumper Crop: Boulder / Denver Theatre Fall Preview

Boulder / Denver Theatre Fall Roundup, by Mare Trevathan After our wet, verdant summer here in Colorado, it was a rude awakening to find a backyard full of yellow and orange leaves this morning. Not. Ready! But with the turn of the season, we residents of the Rocky Mountain Empire can start to focus more on […]

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A Streetcar Named Desire at Vintage Theatre

A review by Lisa Bornstein So often, in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” poor Stella becomes the mousy second banana, navigating the histrionics between Blanche and Stanley. But with Vintage Theatre’s production of the Tennessee Williams drama, actress Kelly Uhlenhopp is a constantly smoking ember. It is almost impossible to look away from her when she […]

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“This” at Boulder Ensemble Theater Company

A review by Lisa Bornstein Twenty years after “Reality Bites” comes “This,” Melissa James Gibson’s popular Gen-X take on middle age. In the current production by Boulder Ensemble Theater Company, the play incisively sizes up truths both timely and timeless, while also settling into some all-too-familiar dramatic ruts. In their late 30s, Gibson’s urban, middle-class […]

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A Song for Coretta at Vintage Theatre

By Lisa Bornstein Playwright Pearl Cleage has the rare talent of writing historical plays that still feel personally relevant, with vivid fictional characters. Hers was a familiar name over the years at Shadow Theatre Company, so it’s fitting that Vintage Theatre is continuing the tradition by presenting her work in the space both companies have […]

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Northglenn Youth Theatre is All Grown Up

Narnia Northglenn production 2014

By Mare Trevathan Raise your hand if you did theater as a kid. That’s a lot of hands. Most of us loved the attention, sure. And the camaraderie. Plus our imaginations were nimble and our sense of propriety virtually non-existent. Kids are natural actors. The Northglenn Youth Theatre (NYT) is no longer a kid itself, but has […]

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