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Un-Still Life, with 3rd Law Dance

A preview by Betsy Schwarm At first glance, still-life imagery and dance might seem contradictory ideas. After all, the essence of dance is motion, not stillness. However, a still-life image is essentially a moment in time: what about the next moment? What colors and textures might emerge from further consideration of that bowl of fruit, […]

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A New Vision of the Dance: 3rd Law

Fine dance is more than tutus and pirouettes. In the world of 3rd Law Dance/Theater, it’s a vibrantly collaborative art of today.

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Dancing Above, Singing Below: Ars Nova and Frequent Flyers at the Dairy

A review by Marc Shulgold  In their spoken introduction, Tom Morgan and Nancy Smith welcomed their audience to the Dairy Arts Center by cutely alternating words and phrases in explaining the collaboration of his Ars Nova Singers and her all-women Frequent Flyers aerial dance troupe. Most of what they actually said became lost in the […]

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3rd Law Dance/Theater and Boulder Bach Festival’s “Obstinate Pearl”

A review by Gwen Gray (with photos by Heather Gray) Boulder contemporary dance and classical music fans converge during Boulder Arts Week. How do you get from baroque music to a contemporary boxing ring? Follow the path of one restless neuron to another in Katie Elliott or Jim LaVita’s brain. When the co-artistic directors of […]

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Hannah Kahn and the Art of Collaboration

A preview by Marc Shulgold Unless we’re talking about Trisha Brown and that pioneering choreographer’s love of moving to silence, dance is — and always has been — about our response to musical inspiration. In these days of tight budgets and skyrocketing costs, most dance troupes (even major ballet companies) must often settle for recorded […]

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