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Fire and Ice: Christmas with Ars Nova SIngers

Ars Nova ignites the dark of winter with traditional carols and exciting contemporary Holiday music, including works by Eriks Esenvalds, Alf Houkom, Michael Fink, and Stephen Paulus.  Our special guest:  Nicolo Spera, guitar. Performances in Longmont (Dec. 9), Denver (Dec. 10 matinee), and Boulder (Dec. 14 and 15).

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Seicento Baroque Ensemble presents From Luther to Bach: Music of the Reformation

Come explore the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, which introduced new types of music, including chorales like those composed by Martin Luther that began the shift from Latin to the vernacular and inspired the music of J.S. Bach nearly 200 years later. The concert will highlight the German school of musicians of the late Renaissance into […]

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Celebrating Music of the Reformation: Seicento Baroque

A preview by Barbara Hamilton A 33-year old man emerged from the shadows, paper in hand. His hands shaking, he nailed the manuscript with 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberg church. Martin Luther’s revolutionary acts of insubordination and protest against the Catholic Church had just begun. All over the world, choral groups are […]

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David Taylor and Ignacio Evangelista at Colorado Photographic Arts Center

02.27.14- 04.12.14 by Theresa Anderson 3/31/14 The exhibition, David Taylor and Ignacio Evangelista, at Colorado Photographic Art Center pairs together two photographic projects that document borders on two different continents reflecting the current political climate. Evangelista and Taylor’s different choices of inclusion or exclusion of work and each of the artist’s choices of display mark […]

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Teri Frame at Platteforum

By Theresa Anderson Hybrids – Teri Frame from Judy Anderson on Vimeo. I met with Teri Frame at her temporary studio at PlatteForum (Frame is the current creative resident there) to talk about her newest body of work. It’s an interesting time to speak with her as she is in full production mode. Frame is pushing […]

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The Road home: American Journeys (Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra)

By Robin McNeil The Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra will finish its concert series entitled Season of Journeys on April 12 and April 13. The previous two concerts were entitled Mozart Travels to London, Mendelssohn Goes to Scotland. This final concert is entitled The Road home: American Journeys. As you might guess from the title of American […]

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Something New: The Art Student League of Denver at Sandy Carson Gallery

By Theresa Anderson March 1, 2013 The Art Students League of Denver (ASLD) has used the historic Sherman School at 200 Grant Street in Denver to hold panels, classes, workshops and exhibitions since 1987.  ASLD partners with places such as Redline, Museum of Outdoor Arts, Boulder Museum of Outdoor Arts and Meineger’s Art Supply to […]

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Winter Arts Preview

By Theresa Anderson Platteforum Creative Residency Hollis+Lana, have been in residence since October 29th working on a new large environmental series, boom, bang and splat. Amorette Lana and Conor Hollis collaborate on graffiti/mural-like painting as well as organic, discrete, three-dimensional forms.  Each painting and sculpture is fabricated through natural interplay between the artists. The polyurethane foam […]

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