Ars Nova Sings Together and Apart

A preview By Marc Shulgold Tom Morgan has one goal in mind for the Ars Nova Singers’ upcoming performance on Youtube. “I want our audience to get an Ars Nova experience,” the chamber choir’s director stressed. An admirable goal. And it may happen – but that experience will be like no other. At 7 p.m. […]

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The Boundless Wonder of Schubert: a new CD from Carrettín and Gajić

A CD review by Betsy Schwarm Given current events, some may see accidental irony in the title of this delightful new recording of Schubert’s Sonatinas for violin and piano, Boundless, with Zachary Carrettín and Mina Gajić.  After all, “Boundless” can’t entirely describe the day-to-day activities of many, many millions of people living on lockdown in […]

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Baroque Confections from Seicento Baroque Ensemble

A review by Betsy Schwarm Photo credits: Britt Ripley “The show must go on:” a time-worn mantra that doesn’t allow for global pandemics.  From the Berlin Philharmonic to jazz ensembles at brew pubs, live music experiences are on hold.  With concert cancellations came the regrets of audience members who had long had those concerts marked on their calendars.  Even more poignant are the sorrows […]

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The Jazz Age: Arapahoe Philharmonic

A review by Betsy Schwarm A concert on Valentine’s Day with no sign of Romeo and Juliet?  As it happens, the Arapahoe Philharmonic’s program had originally been scheduled for one week earlier.  However, Colorado’s often unpredictable weather had other ideas, so the concert was rescheduled.  Never fear:  there was still much to love about the performance.  Those who fit the new concert date into their […]

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The Gloves Come Off: Wilder Women with Stories on Stage

A preview by Jim Hunt This time around, the gloves are really coming off. After the success of Wild Women from a previous season, Anthony Powell, Artistic Director of Stories on Stage, felt that scheduling a sequel in 2020 was imperative. At a board meeting he asked, “What should we call it?” and a member, […]

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Love and Loss with the Colorado Choir: ‘Tisn’t All Tears

A preview by Betsy Schwarm “Songs of Love and Loss:” As a title for a choral program, it might lead some to imagine those famously star-crossed lovers.  However, in this case, neither Romeo nor Juliet is on the scene, and the “losses” are more tender than tragic.  After all, the phrase “love and loss” does […]

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Going Boldly with Pro Musica: Diverse Voices

A preview by Betsy Schwarm Few will have missed the TV reference in the title of this article.  In this case, though, the idea came from comments by Cynthia Katsarelis, music director of the Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra, who asserts that the ensemble “has a mission to ‘boldly go’ where no orchestra has gone […]

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Themes of Loss and Triumph: Beethoven’s Incessant Hum

A Preview by Betsy Schwarm Spoiler alert:  Beethoven was deaf!  Of course, anyone reading this article already knew that, and likely also knew that 2020 will bring the 250th anniversary of the master composer’s birth.  However, it is both facts, not just the latter, that inspired an upcoming multi-disciplinary performance of a newly commissioned play […]

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Raisins and Almonds for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

A preview by Betsy Schwarm On January 27, 1945, in the closing months of World War II, the Russian Red Army reached the gates of Auschwitz, subsequently liberating the camp.  With the 75th anniversary of that occasion rapidly approaching, worldwide commemorations of the event are planned, especially as, in 2005, the UN declared January 27 […]

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An operatic evergreen: “Dido and Aeneas” with Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado

A Preview by Ruth L. Carver Certain operas are perennial favorites – by all sorts of companies, schools, orchestras, musicologists, not to mention performers. Local audiences have the chance to hear one of these classics in January, with the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado taking on English composer Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. The opera […]

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