A Night in a Peruvian Salon, with Baroque Chamber Orchestra and Karin Cuéllar Rendón

A preview by Betsy Schwarm, Frank Nowell and Susan Andre In its Intercambio series, Baroque Chamber Orchestra is featuring a treasure trove of Baroque and post-Baroque music from Latin America. This summer, listeners can enjoy a virtual Night in a Peruvian Salon, https://vimeo.com/559785371 the most recent concert in the series, which is now streaming on […]

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Musicians Flee the Arapahoe Philharmonic on a Sour Note (reprinted from Westword, 6/2/21)

Musicians Flee the Arapahoe Philharmonic on a Sour Note JASMINE LIU| JUNE 2, 2021 | 6:55AM Devin Patrick Hughes conducts the Arapahoe Philharmonic. Millie Patterson was part of the Arapahoe Philharmonic for 67 years. She enjoyed playing the viola, making music, and seeing her friends at practices and performances. Over the decades, the orchestra became such a major part of […]

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3rdLaw Dance/Theater’s “Elision Project Volume 4”

A review by Gwen Gray, with photos by Heather Gray/Gray Area Dance Over the years, 3rd Law Dance/Theater has become known for navigating on-stage obstacles. They’ve glided across a stage filled with bouncing ping-pong balls, held handstands atop typewriters, and woven themselves in and out of a collection of cardboard boxes and towers of metal cubes. But those were self-imposed creative challenges.  This year, 3rd Law, like virtually all performing arts groups, had to face the impossibilities imposed upon them by the pandemic. Yet in characteristic […]

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Wild Things: Music of Springtime

Given the theme ‘Music of Springtime:’ many ensembles would choose Vivaldi.  Not the Colorado Chamber Players! Given the additional presence of ‘Wild Things,’ is there perhaps also The Rite of Spring?  Not in a chamber music concert, though the CCP did invite bassoonist Josh Baker to remind listeners of that infamous ballet’s opening theme.  In […]

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Pro Musica in “Cyberspace”

A review by Marc Shulgold Cynthia Katsarelis could barely contain her joy, as she began the concert by her Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra on Saturday. “We are so, so excited to be playing music together,” she told the small crowd gathered in Broomfield Auditorium. Half her face was concealed by a Covid mask, yet […]

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St. Martin’s Voices of Nature

Preview by Betsy Schwarm One full year into social distancing, many of us have wearied of gazing at computer screens.  If, perchance, it would take a compelling reason to return to the computer for diversion and entertainment, April 23rd will bring a possibility:  the St. Martin Chamber Choir’s Voice of Nature program evoking sea and […]

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Singing in Zoom Time – Streaming Becomes a New Art for Ars Nova

By Marc Shulgold Yes, we know: The past year has been tough for performing arts groups forced to cancel concerts, find new revenue sources and struggle to stay afloat. But most have survived (so far). Thank goodness, the wonderful Ars Nova Singers have weathered the pandemic storm – a fact demonstrated in a sort-of retrospective […]

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Singing Out for SafeHouse – Even from a Distance

A preview by Betsy Schwarm Most of those who are emotionally invested in the performing arts can remember the day the music died.  No, not that 1959 plane crash memorialized in the 1971 Don McLean song.   In this case, it was mid-March of 2020, when a global pandemic abruptly led to the cancellation of myriad […]

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Achieving Zoomness: Performing Arts Online

A preview by Betsy Schwarm, January 13, 2021 It is at times like those of the past ten months that the performing arts can mean the most.  Not only is it a chance to gather together in a shared artistic experience, it is also a reminder of the marvelous things that mankind can create, especially […]

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Delectable Delights for Strings: Macarons de Paris

January 4, 2021 A preview by Betsy Schwarm                    Imagine a sandwich cookie with cream filling.  Now set aside that vision of Oreos and instead think of Parisian macarons:  lighter, brighter, and infinitely more elegant than Oreos.  It’s the Parisian cookie, rather than the American one, which best suits the Colorado Chamber Players online recital of […]

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