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Stunning Flamenco Fusion at Swallow Hill

A review by Adam Goldstein Miguel Espinoza summoned very specific imagery to go along with the complex compositions he played for the audience at Swallow Hill Music on December 2nd. […]

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Charm and Delight from Ballet Ariel

A review by Betsy Schwarm Production photographs by David Andrews New productions of standard ballets are not unknown.  Especially this time of year, many choreographers dream of putting their own […]

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3rdLaw Dance/Theater’s “Elision Project Volume 4”

A review by Gwen Gray, with photos by Heather Gray/Gray Area Dance Over the years, 3rd Law Dance/Theater has become known for navigating on-stage obstacles. They’ve glided across a stage filled with bouncing ping-pong balls, held handstands atop typewriters, and woven themselves in and out of a collection of […]

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Seicento Baroque Courts Audience with a Royal Tour

A review by Betsy Schwarm Many ensembles make their mark in part by focusing on the music of the Baroque. Seicento Baroque Ensemble goes one step further, drawing its repertoire […]

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The Show (and the snow) Must Go On: Pro Musica Colorado

A Review by Marc Shulgold “You are the most intrepid music lovers in all of Denver,” Cynthia Katsarelis enthused to the small but enthusiastic gathering on a blustery, snowy night […]

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Boulder Bach Festival Review: From London with Love

A Review by Gwen Gray (Photo credits from Broomfield Auditorium: Opus Zero) Few have ever claimed that love is a singular emotion. It can be patient, blind, ill-fated, all-consuming, unrequited, […]

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3rd Law Dance/Theater’s “Singularity”

A review by Gwen Gray To hear it told by 3rd Law Dance/Theater’s artistic co-directors Katie Elliott and Paul Fowler, the company’s latest production, “Singularity,” was inherited. That’s because 3rd […]

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A Celestial ‘Requiem’ for a Solemn Occasion

A review by Marc Shulgold   Sadly, the glorious sacred works of Renaissance brothers Giovanni and Felice Anerio have all but faded away in the passage of time. But their […]

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Sacred Jazz with Ars Nova Singers

A review by Betsy Schwarm The excellent Ars Nova Singers have long been one of the most adventurous ensembles in the region, with a repertoire ranging from the Renaissance to […]

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3rd Law Dance/Theater: Lost in Place at the Arvada Center

A review by Gwen Gray As last Saturday evening’s performance of “Lost in Place” by 3rd Law Dance/Theater got underway, the sound of trains chugging along and boats sloshing into […]

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