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The Scen3 is a marketing collaborative that comprises metro Denver area Tier III arts, cultural, and science organizations, as well as other organizations. What does “Tier III” mean? The Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) funds three tiers of cultural organizations. The third tier (Tier III) of organizations are those with budgets under $1,000,000, including numerous community-based organizations. Every organization listed on the SCEN3 website receives a portion of these funds (13.5% of total SCFD funds), a major reason why the metro Denver area’s cultural scene is so vibrant!

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As of 1/1/2020, Membership levels will be:

$150 Basic Membership

$250 Deluxe Membership

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Why Join?

The Scen3 collaborative and website was created to showcase the events, programming, and activities of Tier III art, dance, music, education, cultural, theater, museum, and science and environmental organization for the general public and provide a one-stop shop for citizens looking for events to attend, quality articles on local organizations, and more information about the various kinds of incredible organizations in the Denver metro area. As arts reporting, particularly for smaller and community-based organizations, has dwindled in the past few years and as newspapers have closed up shop or chosen to focus on larger institutions, the Scen3 responded by creating a mechanism for arts coverage for Tier IIIs through a network of professional local writers and journalists.

History to Present
The Scen3 marketing cooperative began in 2006 as a simple website, calendar and print effort, but today has become an entirely new animal. We started as a group composed of Denver Tier IIIs, but we now welcome Tier IIIs from all seven counties within the SCFD region. The Scen3’s website has just been overhauled to include numerous upgrades and updated functionality such as:

  • A searchable, robust calendar of events that features detailed information about your events and the ability to input repeating events.
  • Built-in search engine optimization (SEO) and enhanced SEO options for each page of the entire site as well as all event postings—increasing the likelihood of your organization being found online through organic searches.
  • Advertising opportunities on the website that take visitors directly to your website or ticketing page.
  • More than 10,398 hits since the site’s relaunch in January, with over 4,608 visitors.
  • Nearly 1,100 people on our email list, with new sign-ups daily.
  • Consistently fresh content in the form of objectively written reviews, previews, and other articles by professional journalists and writers, as well as new events added often—giving users a reason to return.
  • A search for your organization in the search bar on any page on returns any articles as well as event listings featuring your event or organization.
  • Inclusion in quarterly press releases sent to a strong, current Colorado media list promoting the major activities of participating Scen3 members (this will begin in the fall of 2015).
  • Alerts about new articles and reviews published on the site about Tier III organizations, performances, and events.
  • Inclusion on Facebook page

What does it cost to join the Scen3?

As a collaborative effort, membership fees cover the costs of maintaining the volunteer-run Scen3 operation and include such things as modestly compensating our team of professional journalists and local writers for their exceptional, objective articles about Tier III organizations; web hosting and ongoing site maintenance; email marketing; and offering fresh new services such as being able to include video and audio on your Scen3 page. Current annual membership rates are:

  • Basic Annual Membership, as of 1/1/2020: $150 – For what equates to around $12 per month, this level includes unlimited event postings on the robust Scen3 event calendar as well as a dedicated individual page showcasing your organization on the website. You can post photos, embed video, audio, and more on both your individual page and events listings. This level does not include review or preview articles.
  • Deluxe Annual Membership, as of 1/1/2020: $250 – For what equates to just under $20 per month, this level includes everything in the Basic Annual Membership PLUS two review or preview articles about your organization per year. (Best value! This represents a savings of $100 over the cost of the Basic membership plus the purchase of two articles.)
  • Add a review or preview article to your membership: $125 per article (maximum of six articles per year). Both membership levels are eligible to purchase additional articles.

Our outstanding team of professional writers include former Rocky Mountain News writers Marc Shulgold, Nicolette Vajtay, Jim Hunt, Kelly Dean Hansen, Betsy Schwarm, Ruth Carver, Gwen Gray of Sugarloaf Content, Bloice Davison of, Josh Hartwell of Buntport Theatre, and Theresa Anderson, a local artist and visual arts blogger.

Still not convinced? Listen to what the Colorado Chamber Players have to say: