Hannah Kahn Dance Company


The current Hannah Kahn Dance Company was founded in 1992 as a vehicle for the unique choreography of Hannah Kahn, who directed her company in New York City for 12 years before moving to Colorado in 1988.  Kahn’s choreography, which makes up the repertoire of the company, was described in the New York Times as follows:

“Hannah Kahn is a choreographer with a special sensitivity toward music … (the program) is the exhilarating product of that sensitivity. One hears the music freshly and sees it before one on the stage. Each gesture and step seems to develop from the score, intrinsic to its rhythms and sonorities yet bearing the mark of Miss Kahn’s intelligence and the impressive gifts of her dancers.”

And, more recently dances performed by the Company have been described as “liquid and lyrical” and “effervescent and witty” by Marc Schulgold formerly of the Rocky Mountain News.

Cross-jump-Marisa-Michael copyThe Denver-based company was founded as a traditional performing company.  In the mid-1990s, however, it began to develop outreach programs in an effort to address the need for arts education as a means for keeping the performing arts alive and vital. The first year, HKDC offered only 5 performances in schools. After almost two decades of growth, in 2012, the company offered 31 outreach performances to schools and other facilities, reaching an audience of approximately 8,010.  HKDC also offered 68 dance workshops in public schools.

HKDC continues to create new dances, seeking ways to reach new audiences. Twice each year the company offers a fully produced evening of dance for a paying audience.  The company also has a long history of offering free performances in public places like Hudson Gardens. Hannah Kahn holds three modern dance technique classes each week on an ongoing basis at its home base, Open Studio, in Denver’s Historic Baker neighborhood. See our classes page for more information

Hannah Kahn Dance Company
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