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Stunning Flamenco Fusion at Swallow Hill

A review by Adam Goldstein Miguel Espinoza summoned very specific imagery to go along with the complex compositions he played for the audience at Swallow Hill Music on December 2nd. […]

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3rd Law Dance/Theater’s Upcoming “Adaptation: A New Love Story”

A preview by Gwen Gray How does a performing arts organization tackle the heaviest, most existential topics of our times, do them justice, and entertain and delight audiences along the […]

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Stone Animals: The Weird and Wonderful with Stories on Stage

A preview by Nicolette Vajtay Can you feel the spirits hovering closer to the veil as we near October 31st?  Those goose bumps on your arm may be from a […]

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Apotheosis of the Dance: Pro Musica Colorado

A preview by Betsy Schwarm Theoretically, to be the ‘apotheosis of the dance,’ dancers should be involved.  Not in this case!  It’s an all-instrumental concert to be presented November 19 […]

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Charm and Delight from Ballet Ariel

A review by Betsy Schwarm Production photographs by David Andrews New productions of standard ballets are not unknown.  Especially this time of year, many choreographers dream of putting their own […]

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Baroque in the Twilight Zone

A preview by Betsy Schwarm For many persons, the phrase ‘Twilight Zone’ brings to mind a repeating four-note musical motif, as well as both the face and the voice of […]

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Walking a Tightrope with Ars Nova

By Marc Shulgold Tom Morgan understands the dangers of controversy. The music director of the Ars  Nova Singers has accepted the challenge of programming a new work which doesn’t shy […]

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Boulder Bach Fest Ends on a High Note

A review by Marc Shulgold Heartfelt words of gratitude from the stage, warm waves of applause from a sizable audience – and, as usual, first-rate musicianship from first note to […]

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Boulder Bach Festival: Next Generations

A review by Betsy Schwarm Spring 2022 brings the 41st season of the Boulder Bach Festival.  In lesser hands, 41 years of a single composer – even the mighty JS […]

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A Festival Celebrates Bach – Among Others

A review by Marc Shulgold Oh, sure – J.S. Bach was there, represented by three marvelous chamber works. And there was music by his famous old friend Telemann. But so […]

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